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Olympic Diving

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Do Asian Olympic Divers have an Edge in Olympic Diving?

Do Asian diver athletes with their slender bodies automatically have less of a splash when they hit Pflugerville Wildlife Removal? Consider this for a second, a small splash is the signature for a fantastic dive, this is because the body of the diver must be aligned and go in total streamlined to produce little if any splash. Yes, there are different approaches like cupping your hands which makes the water flow and not dab out, also swimming through the dip while submerged causes the water to flow quickly downward rather than splashing up.
Still, for the most part the slenderer the diver, the smaller the splash, smaller divers also have a bonus, less weight hitting the water. Gals who are full figured make a bigger splash than those that are small breasted, of course, these divers are generally in really great shape, flexible like gymnasts and have very little body fat therefore generally smaller breasted female divers. Typically Asians are thinner than Westerners, some is diet and some is genetic, but typically that is what we find. I ask, does this give them an advantage together with the judges?
Indeed, while doing this thought experiment, as well as my understanding of fluid dynamics; I would need to say yes, but to what degree is hard to say, as the Asian divers from Japan, China and other areas are also very talented and practice a huge amount, and better divers also get higher scores naturally. More research would be needed, perhaps body shapes as a proportion of population, BMI data, and hours educated (assuming competent coaches).
Likewise, going by this concept, slender divers from the US, UK, or of the European Union would also fair well, same with South American cliff divers who enter the Olympics, which they are in optimal form and have slender builds.
One more point here. The judges do not have access to slow motion cameras, and in the high-dive competitions the male athletes with their power are doing 3-4 summersaults, and their rate of spin is so large that the tiny mistakes are often overlooked, but the tell-tale sign of the splash speaks volumes of their precision the athlete had attained, thus, the amount of splash weighs heavy on the scoring procedure.
What I am saying is that; my inquiries and questions here do have merit, and you can look at the divers and watch the slender divers, when they do a complex and precision dive appear to score higher than the more stalky build divers – the reason makes sense to me, I feel it’s all about fluid dynamics as the athlete eases into the water – but more research, statistical and visible data is justified.